Pedag VIVA MINI Arch Support in Tan

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Product Description

The Pedag Viva Mini Arch Support (formerly known as the Pedag Holiday Arch Support) is an excellent leather orthotic insole for shoes such as flats, low heels, oxfords, and sandals that have limited room in the shoe. The Pedag Viva Mini Arch Support relieves arch pain, metatarsal pain, and forefoot pain with its semi-rigid, plastic-molded arch and soft, removable metatarsal pad. The Pedag Viva Mini Arch Support also features a soft-cushioned heel cup and a piece of adhesive under the heel to keep the support in place. The Pedag Viva Mini Arch Support insert has obtained the Seal Of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. 

The Pedag VIVA MINI Arch Support comes in euro/metric sizes. Please use our U.S. Pedag sizing chart to determine your size. If you are a half-size we recommend the larger size. 1 pair/pkg.

Indications - The Pedag VIVA MINI Arch Support is used in the treatment of arch painforefoot bursitisforefoot callusforefoot capsulitisflatfeetforefoot painFreiberg's infractionmetatarsalgiaMorton's neuroma, and pronation.

Foot Care Tip! When shopping for arch supports, ask yourself these questions: Will they fit into dress shoes? Are they soft, semi-rigid or rigid? Are they best for casual, dress, sport, or work? On a scale of 1-5 (1 poor/5 best), we rate the Pedag HOLIDAY/VIVA MINI Arch Support a '5' for dress shoes. They are semi-rigid. We recommend this arch support for all activities. Be sure to check out each of our other arch supports for additional information.

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